Forensic SEO Audits

What is a Forensic SEO Audit?

Any professional SEO audit must be custom built towards your specific situation. That said, each SEO audit should include, but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Keyword analysis – Evaluating key-phrase quality and ranking viability.
  • Content analysis – Depth of content, how well content is linked within the site, and how well content is seeded.
  • Link analysis – Analysis of existing links; both inbound and outbound, as well as inter-linking within the site.
  • Code analysis – Go under the hood and analyze the code and user experience aspects as they relate to SEO.
  • Social media analysis – Assess existing social media plan and analyze existing
  • Competitive analysis – Analyze competitor’s websites for all factors listed above; linking, content, design, social media, and more

SEO Audit Action Plans

Many SEO audits touch on problems with your site but will fall short of providing a future plan for you. Our audits focus not only on documenting existing problems but detailing how to go forward with best practices for every error we list. Even better, we prioritize every suggested action so you can go forward with the parts of the plan that will yield the best bang for your buck.

It’s one thing to be produce generic issues your site has regarding SEO in an audit. It’s another matter to be handed an actionable road map that is tailored for your specific business to achieve long-term success in organic search results from Google and other search engines.

SEO Consulting Service

Whether you choose to carry out the SEO audit action plan in-house or with a 3rd party, there may be issues that arise where help is needed with implementing recommendations.  Our comprehensive audits often times suggest wholesale changes to Information Architecture, categorization or the infrastructure of your website. Even teams of developers, content specialists and SEO specialists come across questions along the way. In turn, many of our business relationships have resulted in providing ongoing SEO consulting services to ensure proper facilitation. Given our experience coding sites, writing content, and performing on-site/off-site SEO implementations, you can rest assured that we can effectively communicate the process in ways that everyone involved with your team will understand.

Note about Implementation Results

As is the case with SEO, one cannot guarantee specific results.  This is the nature of SEO, as search engines retain private control over their ranking methods and algorithms, all of which can and will change often.  That said, our vast experience and ability to adapt to these changes allow us to put clients in the best position possible to improve their standing and reach their online goals.