About Celestial SEO

Sustainable Solutions

The foundation of our process centers around forensic SEO audits and monthly SEO service packages that will act as your key to sustained search engine success. Ever since search engines were created, SEO has been ever-changing. What was successful for you last year (last month even) might bring you a penalty with Google this year. This is why many companies throw their hands up in the air when it comes to SEO. They understand they need more than just a simple website to drive traffic in today’s online world, yet lack the time and know-how to put forth a dedicated effort to do so.

Due to the increasing complexity surrounding search engine optimization, Celestial SEO founder Patrick Krasean reached a point where comprehensive SEO audits and SEO consulting services comprised the majority of the work he was involved in for clients. Many of these clients had web developers that could build a beautiful site, but lacked the ability to optimize a website so that it could drive traffic and ultimately increase their sales and bottom line. Patrick then came to the realization that it was time to bring in some of the top internet marketers and SEO-savvy web developers he had worked with since 2004 to focus on offering top of the line SEO audits, consulting and web development to help fill this need.

Without a proper audit from an experienced source, SEO in 2014 is more likely to be a swing and miss proposition. This is why we specialize in SEO audits to ensure you have prioritized actionable advice to keep your website in the good graces of the almighty search engines. Google’s ways may change, but instead of complaining and making excuses, we proactively adjust our strategies to stay ahead of the curve.